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It is no mystery why our patients highly recommend us. Our attention to detail, our caring and professional staff, and our ability to listen and always provide excellent service are what sets us apart from other dental practices. Dr. Taveras and Dr. Mejia will work with you and your family to help you achieve a beautiful, radiant smile.

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Braces Treatment Happy Smile

Me Encanta

No More Pain

I am truly thankful for Dr. Alejandra Taveras, now my life is of better quality. I can eat all my food with no pain. My gums would bleed a lot with the simplest things; I had bad breath and felt very insecure. I was embarassed to speak or get too close to others due to my bad breath. Today I feel happy thanks to the great treatment I received at my dental office Angel Smile. I no longer have pain and my bone loss is under control. Personally I have recommended it to my family and friends. The service I receive from the staff is always excellent. Again, thank you Angel Smile Dental Group.


Best Dental Office

The best dental office that I’ve found in 9 years. My kids left happy and with no tears in their eyes. Dr. Alejandra Taveras is fantastic, she treated my kids so great and talked to them so lovingly which is why they left happy. My appointment is coming up and I will report back about my experience.


Perfect Smile

There are no words to express how I feel and show how grateful I am for your EXCELLENT work that you guys do with everyone especially me. Thank you, Dr. Mejia for giving me a perfect smile. May God bless you always, my family and I love you very much.